Hi, I'm Ricardo!

I am a full stack developing learner in both application and presentation layers. I have worked on applications and microservices deployed on IBM Cloud. I am an avid user of IBM Watson Services and have worked on Watson Assistant, NLU, Sentiment analyzer to name a few.



0.3 years experience


0.2 years experience


0.2 years experience


0.2 years experience


0.2 years experience


Web Scrapping and Customer Reviews Analysis

  • Webscrapped clothing store customer reviews from an integrated platform , visualized data to assist data analysis. The data then used to do sentiment analysis and parsed using LLM by Langchain.

Time Series Analysis Using Statistical and Deep Learning Methods

  • Led the project to practise time series analysis through statistical tools i.e polynomial regression, ARIMA, EWMA, GARCH model and modern machine learning models i.e LSTM and GRU to forecast future trends with only 0.3 MSE score. Simulated algorithms like Hull Moving Average

Artists Identification From Art Using Deep Learning

  • Led the project to do the multiclass classification(8) of artwork from selected datasets
  • Implement CNN-LSTM hybrid models
  • Visualize kernel filters and feature maps from the output of each convolution layer
  • Tune hyperparameters to raise the F1 score from 60% to 75%
  • Make interactive widgets and plots as well as PowerPoint for immersive presentation


I highly recommend working with Ricardo. He is a quick learner and has a strong grasp of key concepts in Web development. He also takes initiative within a team and has the potential to lead effectively.
Working with Ricardo has been an exceptional experience. Ricardo goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding results. With his expertise and dedication, I would want to work with him again for future projects that require his skills.
I had the pleasure of working alongside Ricardo during the initial phase of our venture, which involved Web development. Ricardo's expertise and dedication make him an invaluable asset to any organization.
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